Welcome to SendBack

Most people who find a lost item would return it if they could safely contact the owner. SendBack is the lost and found system that connects owners anonymously and safely with the finders of their item.

Attach to your Phone, Wallet, Keys... Anything You Want To Keep

Human beings are naturally kind and helpful, we just need a mechanism to safely return lost items.

Our system works efficiently by anonymously messaging the owner of the lost item and helps you save replacement costs and stress by ensuring your items always have a way to return to you.

Instantly Message Users Online or by Text

Free Express Shipping across the U.S.A

SendBack Tags Work Anywhere in the World

Confidential Communication System Protects Your Info

Impressive 85% Item Return Rate, Plus Finders Get Rewards


SendBack takes data privacy seriously, and we protect our customers data at all times.

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Every Finder Recieves a Free SendBack Tag as a reward

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Chat with a SendBack agent 24/7, 365 days a year!

1. Add to Cart

Purchase your SendBack tag for a low price. When we say low, we mean really low! You can find it in stores or buy directly from our website.

2. Activate

Simply create a profile on SendBack and enter your info and your key tag ID. This will ensure the finder of your item can anonymously reach you!

3. Attach Item

Place your SendBack tag to your keys, bag, inside your phone case, or attach to any item you frequently take outdoors to ensure people can find it!

How to use SendBack

Our tag system is the most efficient way to connect with the finder of your lost item, but we do recommend you take some precautions when retrieving your items.